Discover the latest study related to the Concawe’s Low Carbon Pathways programme: “Sustainable biomass availability in the EU towards 2050 (RED II Annex IX Part A/B)”.

The aim of this independent analysis conducted by Imperial College Consultants at the request of Concawe is to provide an overview of the sustainable biomass availability in the European Union and the UK by 2030 and 2050 and to provide an evaluation of the advanced biofuel potential. The work presented covers feedstocks of agricultural, forest and waste origin included in Annex IX of RED II (Part A and B). The study analyses firstly the sustainable biomass availability for all markets and then estimates the amount that can be available for bioenergy after excluding the so far known demand from non-energy sectors. Following, the study presents the status of the various conversion technologies and value chains based on their maturity for market deployment and assesses the potential production of sustainable advanced biofuels for 2030 and 2050 on the basis of the biomass potentials calculated in the previous part.

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